Summer Tour Final Show Dates (This Weekend)

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Hello Friends!

We’ve got the final two summer tour dates this weekend and I am beyond excited! Excited to play, sad the summer tour is ending, but hey, many great and exciting things ahead I have yet to reveal to you…   :O  … not yet! No spoilers 🙂


Friday August 25th the band and I will be headlining Parks Alive (Kelowna, BC) at 9:45pm and yes, this is a FREE event! So cool of these organizers to create such a community driven, fun, family friendly event, I can’t wait to be a part of it. The boys and I will have a couple fun new covers for you guys, so come on out and grab a good seat! This is an outdoor event, so bring a sweater! It might get chilly 🙂


Saturday I’ve got a little something different cooked up. Nigel and our pal Stu and I will be performing a more stripped down set at this years Riot on the Roof (Vernon, BC). Now, this event is SUPER cool because it is hosted on the roof top of the parkade for the Vernon Art Gallery – very, very cool. I played this gig last year and we had the perfect spot, JUST as the sun was setting and after a wicked fashion show. There’s going to be a lot of music happening, including the boys from AMISTAD -whom I can’t wait to see again, these guys are amazing live – as well as a bunch of other talented acts! Lots of art and all that jazz happening so it’s going to be quite the happening night. Tickets are $10, just grab them at the door, lots of space for everyone to come and enjoy 🙂

Again, wear a sweater. This is an outdoor evening thing so be prepared! I will be wearing long sleeves for suuuuuurrre. Okay loves, that’s all for tonight, I feel like I’m just going to start rambling… I’m super tired after the drive, so, NIGHT! Lots of love to you!




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