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Last night my team and I won a Leo Award 🦁 for Best Music Video 🎥 for “Vessel”!

I want to congratulate all of the incredible nominees who created such stunning works.

This music video means so much to me and I’m so proud of it. I want to quickly thank my amazing team : Tiera Skovbye and Jordan Connor, Riun Garner, Aidan Kahn, Hannah Pederson, Jeremy Cox, FACTOR and the Government of Canada, Keslow Camera, my mom, family, my friends and fiancé Nigel Blondeau – and everyone else who I haven’t mentioned – thank you so much! Thank you for supporting my vision and creating a transcendent cinematic experience with this music video and for perfectly encapsulating all of the emotions I feel in this song.

It was a true team effort and I am so grateful to everyone who poured their talents into it. I also would like to thank Luca Fogale and Sean Wharton who produced “Vessel” – I love you all Hope you’re all safe and doing well! WOO!