Wow, the best album review from Splendid Fred Magazine!

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My heart is overflowing.

I honestly broke down crying reading this review of my album Heart of Shadows. Elmarie really got to the heart of the album and took the time to dive into the depths of it’s soul to fully engage what these songs are about. I am truly touched and honoured.
There are so many lines that I would love to pull to showcase in this post, but this one really hit home for me:

“…I just know this song will mean so much to so many people. I sincerely hope ROYAL knows that.”
I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

Knowing that my music resonated with even just one other person, means that I’ve achieved the ultimate goal with this album. And that is all I could ever ask for when it comes to my music.

Thank you Elmarie Messina, Splendid Fred (Magazine) for your beautiful words and meaningful album review. 

Read it here: CLICK