Thank you Kirk Hamilton, 3am Revelations for the show review!

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A big thank you to Kirk Hamilton, 3am Revelations for the killer show review! It means a lot to receive such amazing support!


“…And finally, Royal rounded out the night. She took the stage in a sequined red gown, complete with black elbow gloves (for the first song, anyway), and a backing band clad in black. Their look complimented the smokey and moody sound, as she began with “Kings & Queens” off the album.
With an incredible captivating stage presence, she focused on Heart of Shadows, including the dreamy “Black Beauty” and “Reminiscence”, a song that demands to be listened to in a dimly-lit bar with a glass of whiskey. And maybe also in black and white, somehow.
After a fun, jazzy cover of “It’s My Party” half the band took a moment while she did some acoustic songs; a few older ones “Wild” and “City Lights”, along with another cover, “California Dreaming”. Her incredibly powerful voice probably being heard as far back as the street outside the venue.
The band returned as she finished off the set with some heavy emotional songs, an incredibly intense song called “The Hunter” and finished with the haunting “Rebel”, inviting Chersea and Rowed up on stage to take a bow and thank everyone for coming.”


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