Music dive

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Hi friends,

How’s everyone doing?

I have to admit, some days just feel like way to much and I have to completely disconnect. Thankfully I have music as an outlet, and have been emerging myself in it a lot lately. Working on projects with friends new and old, and working on original songs of my own. I have a few albums worth of music by now, but am picking a few of my favs to release as singles 🙂 I have three special projects I’m working on right now with a couple of super cool artists and we are getting pretty close to finishing things up! So keep your eyes and ears open for some new music in the next couple of months 🙂 Since Heart of Shadows came out I took some time off to focus on my health, I moved cities, and oh yeah, got engaged to the most amazing man! So it’s been a busy couple of years but working on and writing music has been a constant, and I can’t wait to share the new stuff with you!

Stay safe friends. Please, please, please smart with how you go about your daily routine so that we can get through this pandemic sooner rather than later. And think about the grandmas and grandpas out there! They need us to step up and keep them safe. I’m doing my part, I hope you’re doing yours. There ya go, there’s my mini rant 🙂 Had to do it, haha. Love you guys!


P.S. If you’re needing some fresh music ideas, check out my Spotify page for my latest playlist! I’ve got quite the mix of classic and new, so dive in! <3 Here’s a link to my page: click.