“I want to take you on a journey where you can truly lose yourself in the story, sound, and emotion of what you are hearing.”


ROYAL blends dynamic and emotional vocals with a rich and moody musical production to create a distinct indie pop flavour and a bold and empowering listening experience.

Born in Oshawa, Ontario, ROYAL moved west early on and grew up in her adopted hometown of Vernon, British Columbia. Drawn to the timeless sounds of luminaries like Billie Holiday and Bob Dylan on her family record player, ROYAL regularly sang harmonies with her two sisters, later adding to her musical repertoire by learning bass and guitar during her high school years.

ROYAL never imagined a musical career for herself until she performed in Saskatchewan at a family gathering, where she was discovered by Jack Lenz. The noted music producer for film and television invited her to Toronto to harness her raw talent and develop her emerging sound in a studio environment.

The resulting album, Seasons, was released in 2009, spawning multiple film and TV placements – including Men With Brooms (CBC) and Cra$h and Burn (Showtime) – and later earning ROYAL top honours in the We Are Listening Singer/Songwriting Competition for the track, “No Sleep”. In 2010, she followed up the success of this album with “Christmas With You”, her first holiday single which peaked at #33 on the Canadian HOT AC Top 40 Charts.

After moving to Vancouver to continue her musical development in fresh surroundings, ROYAL was selected from a pool of hundreds of BC musicians as one of the Top 12 Finalists in the 2014 BC Peak Performance Project BC. The ensuing industry bootcamp and performance showcases allowed ROYAL to hone her sound and professional knowledge surrounded by like-minded peers and industry stalwarts, including producer Warne Livesey (Matthew Good), who teamed up with ROYAL for the track, “I See Red”, during the program.

Since the Peak Performance Project, ROYAL has taken bold steps to re-define her sound and style by creating a vocal presence and an image that lives and breathes from her emotions. After lending her voice to an imaginative take on her 2015 single, “City Lights”, for Canadian electronica artist Conro, ROYAL found a match for her new musical ambitions in producer Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge). Their new 2016 single, “Wild” – her first release to Canadian radio since her time with The Peak Performance Project – is the first sample of ROYAL’s refined sound.

As she builds towards the release of her second album – due to arrive in the spring of 2017, ROYAL continues to thrive by staying true to her faithful roots as an independent artist while also exploring new creative opportunities for her enchanting vocals and romantic sound.